George is an innovator who is liberating the next generation of
technology leaders.

Inciting the People to Change Perceptions

George's mission is to bring awareness to the world of technology and how it is affecting us as humans. Instead, we’re caught in algorithms that track our every move.

Turning Apprentices into Leaders

The Unhackable mindset will give you the keys to become a confident technology user who understands how to take control.

Key Prospect

Lower Apprentice

Amateur Apprentice

Leadership Player

Mission Statement

Learn to control technology, not have technology control you.

It's time to reclaim our digital lives and our digital freedom. With George's guidance and coaching, we the people can once again learn to pursue true happiness - without the confines of the web.
This is our goal.


We must restore the way we view and interact with technology. The current relationship is not beneficial for us; therefore, we must tear down what we believe works and seek a better path. This will become your short-term, crisis-driven pathway that develops through the crisis where you find your way in many different reorganized forms and mannerisms.


We need to reconstruct our relationship with the truth in a positive manner that doesn’t clutter our lives with meaningless information and interactions. Get off the hamster wheel of keeping up with the latest trends. Take a step back and seriously ask, what do I truly need in my life? This will become your short-term, crisis-oriented awareness where you uncloak all the misconceptions our culture has used to cover the original design.


We need to get back to the authentic life, where we have control of technological use. People didn’t always have these technological marvels and were able to live their lives more carefree, not weighed down by the suffocating pressure to stay connected. Transform your technology to draw you into a very focused, intentional, long-term, helping relationship, where you journey a lifetime together with technology as a powerful tool, hand-in-hand.

Progress Requires Patience

Kung Fu is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. Originally, Kung Fu referred to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work, rather than referring to martial arts.

This is our paradigm shift—through hard work, patience, and time we can restore privacy in our lives.


Get Ahead of the Game

Get George's new book, "Unhackable." He reveals the truth of how the internet game is unfolding, and shares the real secrets to freeing yourself from the complexities of the web. Start regaining your privacy and security during these difficult, uncertain times, as we adjust to the “new normal” and learn how to manage those challenges that are compounded by the skills deficits commonly faced today.

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