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George is an innovator who is liberating the next generation of
technology leaders.

Inciting the People to Change Perceptions

UNHACKABLE's mission is to bring awareness to the world of technology and how it is affecting us as humans. Instead, we’re caught in algorithms that track our every move.

Turning Apprentices into Leaders

UNHACKABLE will give you the keys to become a confident technology user who understands how to take control.

Key Prospect

Lower Apprentice

Amateur Apprentice

Leadership Player

Mission Statement

Learn to control technology, not have technology control you.

It's time to reclaim our digital lives and our digital freedom. With George's guidance and coaching, we the people can once again learn to pursue true happiness - without the confines of the web.
This is our goal.


Educate yourself! Free yourself from all public online intelligence-gathering information, control, data filters, and cookies.

This is a paradigm shift that will survive the test of time, increase the speed of innovation, and bring back the greatness from all of the failures of today's complex technology.

We will bring back true security and privacy in an unsecured world. You will become UNHACKABLE, standing at the front of your own Stonewall.


Reconstruct your private off-line identity for all of your IOT connected devices.

We will create transformational mindfulness throughout the Internet in a new world full of strength and decisions that will propel us into the next generation.

We must bring back the original vision of an information-sharing highway that will allow us to share freely, instead of hindering our advancement and progress, and pays tribute to those who have come before us.


Rebuild your life online by looking at new technology through a different lens.

You will be free from all instinct-based controlled systems. The human connection will be restored, reingineering the Internet from the bottom up, not the top down.

Our connected world will work better in harmony as we share, grow, and transform in fellowship.

Progress Requires Patience

Kung Fu is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete. Originally, Kung Fu referred to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work, rather than referring to martial arts.

This is our paradigm shift—through hard work, patience, and time we can restore privacy in our lives.

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Get George's new book, "UNHACKABLE." He reveals the truth of how the internet game is unfolding, and shares the real secrets to freeing yourself from the digital world once and for all.

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